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Better to die saving lives, than to live with taking them.

That's what I was born into.

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Name:Capt. James Tiberius Kirk
Birthdate:Jan 4

James Tiberius Kirk


Birthday: January 4, 2233
Rank: Captain

James T. Kirk was born to George and Winona Kirk. On the day of his birth, his father died with the starship to save his crew from the Romulans from the future. Winona escaped while giving birth to their second son. According to George's wishes, he was names after her grandfather, James. Due to his close resemblance to her husband, she remained frequently away from home in Starfleet leaving him with his older brother George "Sam" Kirk and her brother Frank. Because of her frequent absences she was never home to see how cruel Frank was to the boys and how he forbade them from being a "Kirk". Soon, Sam left Iowa to get away from Frank and his cruelty leaving Jim to live with the man alone. After being called a "good boy" and "teacher's pet" by Sam, Kirk took his father's Antique Corvette that Frank claimed as his own and drove it off into a quarry in a violent beginning of a long streak of rebellion and misdemeanors that landed him in jail frequently. His IQ is amazing and upon meeting Christopher Pike, it is even stated that his less than stellar lifestyle drowned out how brilliant Jim was. After being presented with the challenge to get through Starfleet Academy in just three years with a commission, Jim left Iowa far behind. And the rest shall we say… is history. (for more… Kirk Wiki)

Jim is egotistical, flamboyant and full of bravado. He womanizes and drinks often usually landing him in a good many fights. He's strong and stays in shape but doesn't take the best care of himself. Due to his history he has deeply rooted insecurities with love, family, and abandonment though, he never talks to people about it. But when he does something, he does it all the way. He's utterly loyal to friends and would do anything for them within his means. He's incorrigible and doesn't believe in "no-win scenarios".

His surviving family is comprised of Winona Kirk who he hasn't seen in a long time and elder brother Sam. He really doesn’t count his uncle as part of his life at all.

This is a role playing journal only. I do not own Captain Kirk or Chris Pine.

Both the mun and muse are over 18.

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